Someone Once Told Me

While searching the internet for inspiration for a new creative project, I stumbled across the following website: Someone Once Told Me. The website is ran by a London native, Mario Cacciottolo.  In his project, Cacciottolo discusses how every person has heard some sort of advice or set of words that has shaped who they are. He decided that photographing these people and their advice would make an interesting statement. He started the project in 2007,  and now posts a new image every day on his website. To read more about the blossoming of this project click here.

In my creative class my professor Jerry Schmidt, talked about how a lot of work that photographers do is inspired by something that has been done by others. He encouraged us to explore possibilities, and to try to defer judgment on an idea just because it has been done before. If you do something, even if it has been done a million times before, it will still have your signature, your style to it. After thinking about this, I’ve decided that perhaps I can start my own series of someone once told me here in Missouri. To start off my exploration in this idea I have decided to photograph  something that I was told by a professor and I haven’t been able to get it out of my head since. It has made me focus and do my best to learn as much as possible to become the best photographer that I can be.  Passion, unrelenting love for photography, will bring you through. I will post the image at a later date. I took one and posted it earlier…but have since decided that I didn’t like it and want to brainstorm more.

One Reply to “Someone Once Told Me”

  1. Hey there

    Thanks for the blog post and your kind words about my site.

    I’d love to have these SOTMs that you plan to take – please do send them in to me (which you can do through the site) as I always need contributions.

    Good luck with your photographs,

    Mario 😀

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