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Organic Heirloom Medley

I am itching for summer folks! I can’t wait until all of the local farmer’s markets start-up and allow me to pack my fridge full of fresh, local and delicious produce! While I didn’t buy the tomatoes you see here at a farmer’s market, they are certified organic heirloom baby

Bruschetta Burger with Prosciutto & Feta

Well, my last official semester as an undergraduate has begun. My capstone class is a portfolio class though which we are to shoot completely new material which can be compiled into a professional portfolio. This portfolio should be pristine and ready to walk into any and every photography studio/agency/etc and

Dainty Pasta Salad

I’ve started to scour through all of my food magazines that I’ve collected over the past three years and came across something that I always told myself I would try, but never did.  Parmesan lace baskets! Essentially all you do is throw some shredded (be sure it isn’t the fine

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