Advanced Color Portrait–ALIEN BEE & Q-FLASH IN CLASS DEMOS

To learn different lighting techniques we often use each others as models and go around campus demoing lighting and different poses.

At one point this semester, we got into small groups and were assigned to use alien bees in any way that we wanted only using 2 lights. Our group decided to work with more dramatic lighting feathering the main light so the light barely fell on the subject, and using the second light as a kicker or hair light to separate the subject from the background. Here are a few from this demo.

These next images are from a day where we demoed the Q-flash. Spring had finally sprung and all of the trees on campus were in full bloom, perfect for some spontaneous portraits of my classmates! Here are a few from this demo day!

2 Replies to “Advanced Color Portrait–ALIEN BEE & Q-FLASH IN CLASS DEMOS”

  1. beth says:

    The lighting here is gorgeous!!! I especially love the first couple. Awesome!

  2. beth says:

    Char, this has nothing to do with your awesome photography, but I saw this adorable thing and you need to see it too: it’s the BROWN MONTY! You need to round off your puppy collection:

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