What I can do with a snow day

My wish came true today! SNOW DAY! We had a fairly large snow storm here in Missouri yesterday. I estimate that Warrensburg got at least 7 inches of snow.  Frankie had slept in bed with Chet, Monty, and I and did really well until about 6:45 in the am. I got up to put him away and checked the school website to find that all classes had been canceled for the day! I was going to go back to bed, but I figured that I could just be a productive person and stay up and get some photo work done.  Needless to say, here are some of the images resulting from my 4 shoots I’ve already done today. Not sure if I’ll continue, I feel like I’m on a roll so maybe I shouldn’t stop. 🙂  ENJOY! If you got snow–GO PLAY IN IT!

One Reply to “What I can do with a snow day”

  1. beth says:

    I love that little gingerbread man ornament… what a goof 🙂 these are beautiful as always char! good job being productive, i totally would not have 🙂

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