Editorial #6–Lifestyle Portraits

One of the things that drew me to my best friend, Holly Hildreth was her unique style and even more unique sense of humor. After several failed photo shoots for sports and events, I was trying to figure out what I could do for my last assignment. I thought about doing another fashion shoot-using holly with her funny sayings t-shirts. We started out with this idea in mind but then it quickly turned into my representation of the humor that I find in our friendship every day. Holly plays the banjo and several other what she calls “awkward” instruments, she also is from Waverly, Iowa a place which she often claims is awkward.  So my final production was an awkward photoshoot of Holly with her awkward banjo and tshirts. Here are 5 of my favorite photos from the shoot.  To see the entire collection check out my Flickr by clicking here.

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