Kansas Tall Grass Prairie

This year my spring break involved traveling to Kansas with fellow photographers and a few professors from the program. We all met at Family Video Saturday around 6am and set off driving. Holly and Shayla rode with me and we all chipped in to share a hotel room together. Saturday we spent the majority of the day photographing in the flint hills and at the tall grass prairie. There were buffalo in the distance, and some of the people who went got close enough for them to fill the frame!  Holly, Shayla, and I didn’t get that close to the buffalo but we did see them. We had fun photographing all of the interesting trees and had fun going off of the trail to find some interesting things to photograph. Our bodies sure were sore after Saturday’s hike so we admittedly couldn’t wait to get back to the hotel to shower and eat and relax.  Sunday we went out bright and early to the Konza Prairie. We all agreed that this was our favorite of the two prairies. It had more scenery and wildlife.  We hiked for about 5 miles or so there. I’m sure the tall grass prairie would have been more exciting if the weather wasn’t as temperamental and there were more plants in bloom. I loved the scenery and would like to go back on a sunny day when there was some greenery. Anyways, it was a good time. Enjoy the following photographs. They are only from the TALL GRASS PRAIRIE. I shot over 600 images and I need to RAW process all of them and then decide which ones of the Konza Prairie to post.


3 Replies to “Kansas Tall Grass Prairie”

  1. terryownby says:

    Nice shots! I really like the pano and the two color shots of the forked roads.

  2. beth says:

    me likey…! looks like loneliness.

  3. I would like to secure authorization to use one of your photographs in an art installation. Please contact me at adam@hcmwllc.com or 832-7232-4102. – Adam Davidson

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