Hanging with my Gnomies

Hello all…

As a new member of wordpress I am still figuring out all the gears to the website, so please do bear with me as I educate myself.

Today was an all nighter. Can’t seem to get into the habit of a normal sleeping pattern. So, up at 4am waiting for the sunrise so I could go on a photo adventure. The first adventure in what I shamefully admit is too long.  However, I am setting a goal to make sure that absence does not frequent itself.

A pattern you will see  is my fascination with gnomes. They will appear in many photographs to come. I don’t know what it is about them, perhaps it is their love for nature which brings me close to them. Regardless, they are an obsession of mine as you will come to find.


Today was a brief affair however, as I ran out of ideas and time. I picked only one image from this session simply because I felt it was the only one worth showing.  I did however, encounter another little friend during my morning journey.



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