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Native American Inspired–Mini Fashion Editorial

Hello all! I finally got the chance to sit down and finish editing a fashion shoot I did a while back. I have been noticing that Native American patterns and design have began to find their way into modern fashion. I wanted to try to experiment utilizing this type of

Winter Blues and Antique Blues

Hello all- I’ve been trying to practice using color to bring out small objects particularly in jewelry.  January has always been a month that reminded me of blues and whites so I decided to find some of my favorite unique jewelry that showcased blues and photograph them in a way

Shimmerwings: Tropical Jewels of the Jungle

A few months back my mom and I visited Blue Heron Design, a small fair trade jewelry and trinkets shop owned by my neighbor, Casey Blystone’s mother. If you have not been I recommend you stop by! It is in downtown Lee Summit, really easy to get to and fun

Editorial Photography-Assignment 2: Jewelry

I decided to try my hand at photographing jewelry for my most recent editorial assignment. I used my 105mm 2.8 Nikon macro lens paired with alien bees, an EZ cube lighting kit, and oodles of trial and errors to produce the following of what I consider to be the 21

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