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Chocolate & Blackberry cupcakes

Hi all! I have tons of awesome food photography ideas brewing in the ol’ gearbox and decided to put one of those ideas to action. My mother-in-law had been mentioning how much she was craving some cake, but she didn’t want to make a whole cake. I thought I would

An Elegant Affair With Angel Food Cake

I saw a method of creating roses with frosting a while back on one of my favorite food blogs. I decided it was something I had to try and I finally got the chance to this weekend. I used my husband’s grandmother Hoo Hoo’s decorator frosting recipe as she was

A day with blueberries

I went shopping for prop supplies this weekend and picked up some really nice porcelain measuring cups with blue floral details along with some new linens. I thought they would look nice in a set about blueberry muffins and blueberries. Here are a few images from the shoot. I used

More Hershey’s Bliss

I experimented more with some satins and the candy Hershey’s Bliss today and came up with a nice shot. The white chocolate flavor of the Hershey’s Bliss candies has a really elegant white wrapper so I wanted try photographing it against some ivory satin. I tried arranging the satin so

Guinness trial run

I have this really sleek looking Guinness beer bottle that I am wanting to photograph. I am thinking of doing some pour shots too, as I have a Guinness glass that would go perfectly with this bottle design. I am having a little trouble lighting though so I will have

Winter Blues and Antique Blues

Hello all- I’ve been trying to practice using color to bring out small objects particularly in jewelry.  January has always been a month that reminded me of blues and whites so I decided to find some of my favorite unique jewelry that showcased blues and photograph them in a way

Ghirardelli Holiday Chocolate

Hello all! Christmas is just around the corner and I am feeling festive as ever! I already have my car radio tuned into the local Christmas station and I am ever so patiently waiting for Thanksgiving to pass so my husband will allow me to bust out my Christmas decor.

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