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Seven years at Copper Falls State Park

**NOTE: This is a long post–but please read all the way through! Lots of good info and laughs along the way!** Throughout the years we haven’t always made a big to do about our anniversary. It can be difficult with jobs and financial situations. The Champion family cabin has been

Fall colors in Baraboo, Wisconsin

Long time since I was able to post something for you all! My apologies. Sometimes life just gets a little crazy and I can’t post as frequently as I would like. I had several wedding this year that I was either a bridesmaid in or traveled to be a part

Mitchell Park Conservatory (The Domes)

More updates for you all! At the end of April my co-worker and I decided to go to Mitchell Park Conservatory aka the Domes in Milwaukee for a little photo excursion. The domes are amazing to visit, especially with a camera! There are three domes each with a different theme. Two

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