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Native American Inspired–Mini Fashion Editorial

Hello all! I finally got the chance to sit down and finish editing a fashion shoot I did a while back. I have been noticing that Native American patterns and design have began to find their way into modern fashion. I wanted to try to experiment utilizing this type of

Creative #6 The Alley Drunk

I had the opportunity to flex my creative muscles while shooting a drunk gnome series with my husband this Wednesday. We found an interesting alley behind all the pine street bars and decided to use the texture of the brick along with the broken beer bottle glass and random trash

Creative #5 Biker Gnome & Babes

Creative #4: The Gnome’s Cellar

Someone Once Told Me

While searching the internet for inspiration for a new creative project, I stumbled across the following website: Someone Once Told Me. The website is ran by a London native, Mario Cacciottolo.  In his project, Cacciottolo discusses how every person has heard some sort of advice or set of words that

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